When the day after Thanksgiving comes around, the kids all start looking forward to their Thanksgiving crafts. Some of those Thanksgiving crafts might even get a place on your dinner table, while other crafty projects will create an everlasting impression on your friends’ table. Depending on your chosen projects, you too can use Thanksgiving as an ongoing discussion starter about gratitude and blessings, a.k.a Thanksgiving crafts. While the kids are busy making crafts, you too can focus on Thanksgiving conversation starters, such as this one: What do you like best about Thanksgiving? (Hint: it’s food!

If you’re hosting a Thanksgiving party this year or hosting a Thanksgiving activity for kids this season, you’re sure to want to make sure your guests have a gift they can bring home after the event is over. Of course, your party games and decorations are already great gifts, but if you really want to give your guests something that they’ll hold on to long after the party is over, consider showing them how thankful you are with a thank you gift basket. A thank you gift basket is easy to make, and the items inside can make a big impression when presented at a Thanksgiving party. One very simple yet thoughtful thank you gift basket idea is to make your own turkey craft.

One of the easiest thanksgiving crafts for kids is the handprint turkey craft. For this craft, you’ll need brown construction paper, baby bottles, markers, rubber bands and other craft supplies, a pair of scissors and glue, a rubber band that goes around the bottle and is slightly bigger than the bottle itself, an old baby blanket or baby quilt (the larger the better), baby booties or other small blanket material, and a marker or crayon. Once you have gathered these supplies, gather up the items from your guest list. Have each guest write a name on a piece of paper as they arrive. Have someone make a thank you message as well.

Another one of the great Thanksgiving crafts for kids that you can do with a smaller group of children is the thank you message craft. You’ll need crayons, baby items, markers, rubber bands, and a marker or crayon. You’ll want to have plenty of white paper and cardstock for this great kids craft, because you will be able to do a variety of different designs. Two fun ideas for this great kids thanksgiving craft include having all of the kids draw a Thanksgiving Turkey in a different color or pattern, and then the kids take turns being the thankful bird.

For another creative and useful kids thanksgiving crafts, have the kids create a homemade craft that they can give to their parents. It’s really simple to do and it makes a good family memory craft to do together. You’ll need craft supplies such as markers, glue sticks, rubber stamps, stickers, glue sticks, baby bottle or container, small piece of bubble wrap, tissue paper and a lot of colorful construction paper. You can also try putting a piece of bubble wrap on top of a baby bottle or container to make a nice favor. You can do this by taking an old baby bottle and wrapping it with a piece of bubble wrap and then attaching a tag to it that has your child’s name on it.

One of the fun craft ideas for kids that kids love to do is to do a DIY project using toilet paper roll. This is a fun craft that kids of all ages will enjoy. To do this craft, you’ll need white sheets of toilet paper and a pencil. You’ll start out by folding the toilet paper into the square shape. Next, cover the middle of the square with your colored pencil and draw some Thanksgiving themed patterns on it.

If you want to do one of the more Thanksgiving crafts for kids that they might enjoy doing again, make them a crafty gift basket. For this craft, you’ll need a baby towel, baby washcloths or even a couple of washcloths, baby safety pins or ribbons, a crafty ribbon in your child’s favorite color, baby medicine dropper or rubber bands, and a lot of fun colored felt cut into squares or triangular shapes. You can also use the fun craft supplies from your craft kit to decorate the basket. You can add candy and toys as well. When the baby is done playing with the rubber bands or the baby safety pins, you can take the folded squares and form them into an Indian headdress-like gift basket for the child.

For another of the great Thanksgiving crafts for kids, you can use the colors of fall such as browns, oranges, red and gold to make fall-themed thank you cards. This is a great way to give thanks to friends and family as well as make a personalized card for the person who has been very special to you. This is also a great way to get your kids to learn about the colors, like how light and dark colors differ, which ones are closer to each other and what shade of brown is closest to a particular hue. And this is just one of the many wonderful, easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids. Take advantage of some of the great holiday-themed craft kits available out there to inspire your kids this holiday season!

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