Southern Gothic literature is the dark, brooding world of horror fiction that has grown out of the dark, Gothic Romantic period of the last two centuries. Common themes in Southern Gothic fiction are deeply flawed, twisted or abnormally eccentric characters that may be either involved in macabre mystery, decaying or painful environments, bizarre happenings, and other unsettling, sinister events involving or resulting from tragedy, social trauma, or extreme pain or suffering. The term “Goth” comes from a combination of two words, both of which derive from an Old French word: agogues, meaning “a dark or gloomy mood,” and gaul, meaning “to draw or dye a dark spot.” This dark, Gothic style and language can be related to Gothic architecture and the works of the great Gothic artists such as Robert Burns and artist Ralph Ellis. These artists each had strong influences on the creation of modern horror fiction and the appeal of the genre to writers, filmmakers and publishers.

Some of the most beloved authors of the last two centuries have been influenced by Southern Gothic romance, which has become one of the best known types of literary fiction in the world today. One of the most popular of these is the television series, the movie adaptation of Candid Camera, and the short story collections City of Lights and Darkville. The television series, which was based on H. P. Lovecraft’s dreamlike stories about the beautiful city of Cleveland and its ties to the occult, became a huge success. The movie adaptation starred Edward Herrmann as Dr. John Seward, a physician who works with a team of others who investigate the paranormal. An entire season was produced, followed by a second film in 2021 starring Nicholas Cage as the title character, alongside Michael Myers.

Two of the most famous authors of the modern era of Southern Gothic literature are Robert E. Howard and lodging keeper M. R. Kelly. Howard wrote many fantasy novels that remain popular today. Some of his most popular characters include the Demon and the Madman, among many others. Another author that has had a large impact on American Gothic literature is Robert E. Howard, whose tales feature some dark, romantic themes. An example of this is The Day of the Dead, which remains one of the more popular of the modern horror stories. Most of the stories feature a hero, who wears a cape that is black, on a long journey through the dead city.

In recent years, other authors of southern Gothic literature have become popular in the United States. Authors such as Kate Beckinsale, who has written several novels featuring dead young women, have turned their novels into successful movies, with the latest release being the vampire thriller, Twilight. Other authors of novels that feature dead young women include Charles Bronson, who wrote the pulp detective novels; Agatha Christie, who wrote the classic novels A Dark Place and A Murder in the Heart, and who was at one time, the country’s best-selling novelist.

One of the most popular writers within the southern Gothic literature is female author Beverly Strode. Her novels feature a strong female protagonist, who often has romantic subplots, and are often set in a southern plantation. Other popular and contemporary southern Gothic authors include Lauren Benner, who have written the well received Reclaiming Your Romance series; Marilyn Monroe Knowles, who have written the well-received The Hard Way series; as well as Anne Rice, who has written several novels in the paranormal and grimdark genres.

Another popular southern Gothic writer is author who goes by the name of R. A. Salvatore, who is known for his funny, creepy, and often sad sense of humor. His novels, which take place within the town of Westport, Connecticut are often based on a number of ghoulishly familiar creatures and situations. Some of his most famous characters include: the Wise Blood, the Pale King, the Vampiress, and the Hand of Fatima. These characters, along with others, are all often featured within the twisted plots of their novels.

The Gothic sub-genre of southern Gothic literature also features a number of male authors who have gained a large following within the genre. Some of their more well-known authors include: Clark Heyne, who has written the horror novel, Necromancer, and the science fiction novel, Moonseed. John Keelan, author of the novel The Serpent and the Rainbow, also has a large following of fans, who enjoy his dark, humorous, and Gothic novels. Finally, there is Eric Brannert, who has written a number of varying themes in the south. These include the story of a blind man who becomes a vampire, a war hero, and a slave trader’s son.

Many authors of southern Gothic literature have gained a large following throughout the years because they have created stories that are considered to be hilarious and entertaining. Some of these stories deal with romance, while others are based on horror stories. Regardless, many readers love this type of dark humor, as it is often laced with macabre elements. In addition, a lot of the stories deal with macabre elements, which many readers find to be truly unsettling and darkly interesting. The popularity of the Southern Gothic genre has made a number of highly popular television shows, such as “True Blood”, and “The Walking Dead”.

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